RapidIdentity Product Guide: New UI


The Alerts notifications interface displays information that the user is immediately associated with, such as an Entitlement Approver.


Below is a sample alert depicting how the alert messages are formatted. Refer to the table below on how to interpret specific alert notifications.

  1. Alert Icon: The icon varies based on the type of action requested

  2. Action Initiator: The user initializing the action

  3. Notifications indicator: Displays for alerts which have not yet been viewed

    1. Toggling to a new Notifications interface or navigating to a different component of the UI removes the red indicator.

  4. Action Request: Describes the type of action requested

  5. Attribute: Indicates which attribute has been requested

  6. Target User: The user receiving the action

Table 2. Alerts


System Message

* = Action Initiator


  1. * removed <applicationName> as a Favorite for <User>

  2. * added <applicationName> as a Favorite for <User>

  1. Application Favorite Added

  2. Application Favorite Removed

  1. * reset password for <User>

  2. N/A - Missing translation (RID-3597)

  3. * registered a Federation FIDO device for <User>

  4. * renamed a Federation FIDO device for <User>

  5. * reset the Federation Pictograph choices for <User>

  6. * reset the Federation TOTP secret for <User>

  7. * Delegated TOTP Reset

  8. * re-certified Sponsored Account <username>

  9. * extended Entitlement <requestableName> expiration for <User>

  10. * re-certified Entitlement <requestableName> for <User>

  11. * removed stale Entitlement Request Association

  12. * added <memberName> to Role <targetName>

  13. * removed <memberName> to Role <targetName>

  14. * added <User> to Role <groupName>

  15. * removed <User>  to Role <groupName>

  16. * forced expiration of entitlement <requestableName> for <User>

  1. Delegated Password Reset

  2. Delegated Mobile Device Enrolled

  3. Delegated FIDO Registered

  4. Delegated FIDO Renamed

  5. Delegated Pictograph Reset

  6. Delegated TOTP Reset

  7. Delegated Account Unlocked

  8. Sponsored Account Re-Certified

  9. Entitlement Expiration Extended

  10. Entitlement Re-Certified

  11. Entitlement Association Removed

  12. Role Membership Added

  13. Role Membership Removed

  14. User Added to Role

  15. User Removed from Role

  16. Entitlement Expiration Forced

  1. * transferred Sponsored Account <username> to <sponsorName>

  2. * transferred Sponsored Account <username> to <sponsorName>

  3. The active RapidIdentity Identity Provider certificate is expiring in <daysTilExpiration> days

  4. RapidIdentity currenlty has <userCount> active users, but is only licensed for <LicensedCount>

  5. The active RapidIdentity Identity Provider certificate is expiring in <daysTilExpiration> dayshmm

  1. Sponsored Account Re-Certified

  2. Sponsored Account Transferred

  3. IdP Certicate Expiring

  4. Users Over-Subscribed

  5. IdP Certicate Expiring

  1. * cancelled Entitlement Grant Request of <requestableName>for <User>

  2. * escalated Entitlement Grant Request of <requestableName> for <User>

  3. * approved Entitlement Grant Request of <requestableName>for <User>

  4. * re-assigned Entitlement Grant Request of <requestableName> for <User> to <addresseeName>

  5. * approved Entitlement Revocation Request of <requestableName> for <User>

  6. Entitlement <requestableName> granted to <User>

  7. * requested Entitlement Grant of <requestableName> for <User>

  1. Entitlement Grant Request Cancelled

  2. Entitlement Grant Escalated

  3. Entitlement Grant Approved

  4. Entitlement Grant Re-Assigned

  5. Entitlement Revoke Approved

  6. Entitlement Granted

  7. Entitlement Grant Started

  1. * cancelled Entitlement Revocation Request of <requestableName> for <User>

  2. * escalated Entitlement Revocation Request of <requestableName> for <User>

  3. * denied Entitlement Grant Request of <requestableName> for <User>

  4. * denied Entitlement Revocation Request of <;requestableName>for <User>

  5. * re-assigned Entitlement Revocation Request of <requestableName> for <User> to <addresseeName>

  6. Entitlement <requestableName> revoked from <User>

  7. *requested Entitlement Revocation of <requestableName>for <User>

  1. Entitlement Revoke Request Cancelled

  2. Entitlement Revoke Escalated

  3. Entitlement Grant Denied

  4. Entitlement Revoke Denied

  5. Entitlement Revoke Re-Assigned

  6. Entitlement Revoked

  7. Entitlement Revoke Started

  1. N/A - Missing translation (RID-3666)

  2. * updated Profile for <User>

  1. Delegated Mobile Device Updated

  2. Delegated Profile Update

  1. *deleted a Federation FIDO device for <User>

  2. N/A - Missing translation (RID-3597)

  1. Delegated FIDO Deleted

  2. Delegated Mobile Device Deleted

  1. * printed QR code for <User>

  1. Delegated QR Code Printed