RapidIdentity Product Guide: New UI

Create Field Mapping

Field Mapping is the last configuration step that needs to happen to a new application before the next process phase. From the Record Mappings screen, scroll to the bottom and click Add Field Mapping.

  1. In General Settings, map Metaverse records from file records. Populate the three following options:

    1. Target Field Name - Select the field as defined in Field Definitions for the target record - in this example, we're mapping employeeId.

    2. Value Type - Choose from FIELD, STATIC, and EXPRESSION. For this particular mapping, FIELD is the appropriate choice.

    3. Value - Set the value from the Field Definitions that correlates with the Target Field Name chosen. In this case, the chosen value is id.

  2. In Events, select when to apply the field mapping.

    1. On Create - When a source record is found with no matching target

    2. On Update - When a source record is found that has a matching target

    3. On Delete - When a source record cannot be found for a target

  3. Click Save.

  4. The Field Mapping that was automatically created for recordKey will need to be updated. Assign the correct value of the source column for this field in order to maintain application functionality.

  5. Continue adding Field Mappings for the remaining columns and Field Definitions until all columns have been mapped to Metaverse fields.

  6. Once all mappings have been configured, run the Job for the application.