RapidIdentity Product Guide

Installing the Agent
  • Download idautoAgent.nsf and place it in the Domino data folder.

  • On Unix/Linux systems, make sure that that idautoAgent.nsf is owned by the Domino user (usually notes) and has a permissions mask of 0644.

  • In the Files tab in Domino Administrator or Domino Web Administrator, select idautoAgent.nsf and:

  • Tools | Database | Manage ACL

  • Make sure entries for LocalDomainAdmins and LocalDomainServers exist and are set to allow Manager access.

  • Make sure the -Default- and OtherDomainServers entries exist and are set to No Access.

  • Delete any other entries.

  • Tools | Database | Sign

  • Sign design documents with the server id.

  • Restart the HTTP task.