RapidIdentity Product Guide

New RapidIdentity Versioning Scheme

Beginning in May 2020, RapidIdentity's versioning scheme is changing to Year.MajorRelease.MinorRelease-BuildID. The first RapidIdentity version for this new versioning scheme is 2020.0.0-<BuildID>.

  • Year is the year of the release.

  • MajorRelease indicates which major release for the year. Major starts at 0 for each new year.

  • MinorRelease indicates a maintenance release or hotfix for a major release and starts at 0 for each new major.

  • BuildID is provided by the build system.

  • The first release in 2020 would be 2020.0.0-<BuildID>

  • The second major release in 2020 would be 2020.1.0-<BuildID>

  • A maintenance release or hotfix for the first 2020 release would be 2020.0.1-<BuildID>

Previously, updates to the RapidIdentity product and all of its components occurred through a versioning sequence based on date with a format of YYYY.MM.DD that occurred in two different version classifications: Rolling and Long Term Support (LTS). These and all subsequent versions are detailed further in the RapidIdentity Release Notes.