RapidIdentity Product Guide: New UI

Scheduling Jobs

Jobs can be scheduled for subsequent runs, though it is recommended to run each job at least once manually for verification. This can be done by clicking the Configure button in the rightmost column of the job in the main screen.


The resulting screen will allow users with the Studio Admins role to predetermine when jobs will be run repeatedly. There are setting options for Minutes, Hours, Days, and Months as well as a Log Level option.


Entering this menu will set a default starting schedule of 12:00 AM until settings are altered. The job will not retain a schedule until you click Save, at which point the schedule will be shown in the Schedule column of the Jobs menu.


In this menu, you have the option to run the job every X minutes beginning at a certain time, or multiple times per hour based on individual time placement choices. The default options are shown below.


Jobs can be scheduled to run every X number of hours with a beginning start time or at certain hours of the day. This option would combine with the Minutes menu for a start time of 5:30, for example.


The menu for Day options provides three ways of determining day choices. Schedule jobs every X number of days beginning on a certain day of the month, on certain days of the week, or specific days of the month.


The Month menu allows you to schedule jobs every X months starting in a certain month, or choose which months to apply to the schedule.