RapidIdentity Product Guide

Session Management

An administrator may need to end a user's RapidIdentity session for a number of reasons, such as termination or account compromise. The Session Management interface provides administrators the ability to kill sessions and view the roles a user has in a given session. 

  1. From the Configuration Module, click Session Management from the Security menu.

  2. The Session Management workspace will display.

    1. By default, all users with active running sessions will be displayed along with the time the system was last accessed. (Toggle the Expired? action button at the bottom of the page to view information on previous sessions.

  3. Select a user session to enable the action buttons at the bottom of the page to terminate a specific session or all sessions for the selected user(s).

    1. Kill All Sessions for Selected Users

    2. Kill Selected Sessions

    3. Refresh

  4. The View All button next to a user session opens a sidebar to display a read-only view of all applicable roles for the user.

    1. These roles correspond to the roles in Configuration > Security > Roles .