RapidIdentity Product Guide: New UI

Studio Jobs

For RapidIdentity to process the settings and configurations in Data Provider or Data Consumer applications, you will first need to run an associated job. Provider Jobs and Consumer Jobs are run at certain points of the configuration process as described below. Consumer and Metaverse Template Jobs construct the records listed in their job name by processing all applicable record mappings that target the given type.

Each of these can be accessed from Jobs in RapidIdentity Studio. Once jobs have been populated in this screen, they can be scheduled by clicking Configure in the rightmost column.


A job can be run manually before a schedule is Enabled to verify the job results, and must be Enabled before the schedule will activate.


Enabling Jobs

Once a job has been scheduled, it will need to be enabled before the schedule will apply. To do this, simply select the job from the list and click the Enable button in the bottom Action Bar.


Once a job has been enabled to run on schedule, the checkmark in the selection column will change from a muted grey (Disabled_Job_Flag.jpg) to a dark green (Enabled_Job_Flag.jpg).